Overview Edit

Yorkshire has tons of bouldering, mainly on gritstone (the limestone venues are mainly sports/trad routes).

Areas Edit

Lots, too many to really detail here, but popular venues are Almscliff, Brimham, Caley and the Bridestones to name but a few.

Topos Edit

There is a lot more information on and Kirklees Climbing, below is a list of links for topos.

Weather Edit

As with most UK venues the weather is highly variable in Yorkshire.

Guides Edit

Two guides were published in recent years Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering and York Gritstone Bouldering Volume 2. There is however an excellent online resource in the form of

Links Edit The definitive resourse for Yorkshire Gritstone bouldering.

The Leeds Wall Various topos and downloads available.

Kirklees Climbing Topos and information on the Kirklees area.

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