These pages aim to include information about bouldering and climbing around the world. Its divided up by continent/country to aid navigation (and test your basic geography!). An interactive map is continually being developed by 9b although not everywhere on it is described within these pages (nor on 9b itself).

UK & Ireland

A list of Useful WebCams for various areas around the UK has been compiled. These can be useful to check conditions before you head to a venue and might help avoid disappointment. When the weather does crap out check the list of Dry in the Rain venues.

A commonly asked question on UKBouldering is for suggestions of baby/child friendly venues. To this end Child Friendly Venues (UK) have been collated.

The driest and coldest month in the UK is usually February, though serious psyche is required on those frigid winter days. For more discussion of the best climbing month, see here.


A Google Maps overview of bouldering venues in the Alps has been compiled (often includes links to topos).

Africa and the Middle East


North America

South America




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