UK Cream of the Crop

These are crowd-sourced lists from UKBouldering users of British climbers who have climbed the noted grades. The cut-off grades are somewhat arbitrary, although its been suggested it should be the >= 5% of ascents by gender. Initially the cut-off of having done the climbing within the last five years was strictly enforced whilst compiling the lists, although after this page was started that seems to have been disregarded as a number of additional entries have been made outside of that limit.

A useful resource for cross-referencing and/or discovering more ascents is


Original mens thread and womens thread.

Grade Male Female
8C Mike Adams (Serenata)
Ned Feehally (Jour de Chasse)
8B+ Dave MacLeod (New Base Line) Shauna Coxsey (New Base Line)
Dave Barrans (Gecko Assis)
Micky Page (From the Dirt Grows the Flowers Left)
Dan Varian (The Rail)
Dave Mason (King of Limbs)
Simon Newstead (The Island)
Ty Landman (A Man Escaped (Conneticut))
Dan Turner (Bewilderness)
8B/+ Dave Jones (Dandelion Mind)
Ethan Walker (Dandelion Mind; Belly of the Beast (video)
Ben Freeman (Dandelion Mind)
Dan Knight (Mooiste Meisie)
Alex Gorham (Mooiste Meisie (video))
Nige Callander (Monk Life)
Tim Palmer (Mandala SS)
Ben West - (Mooiste Meisie)
8B Rich Hession (Louis Armstrong)
Tom Peckitt (Patina Turner)
Sam Whittaker (La Dernier Atrocite)
Paul Carruthers (Working Class SS)
Phil Rose (Keen Roof)
Tom Newberry (Keen Roof)
Dave Noden (Keen Roof)
Wiz Fineron (The Vice)
Joe Wilson (Bloodsport LH)
Ben Bransby (Bonatrocity?)
Elliot Stephens (Riverbed)
Mike Hart (Riverbed)
Tom Newman (Voyager,Keen Roof)
Paul Bennet (Voyager)
Hamish Potaker (Voyager)
Michael Bleazard (Steppenwolf)
James Squire (One Summer in Paradise,Riders on the Storm)
Pete Robins (Isles of Wonder)
Jordan Buys (High Fidelity)
Jonny Argue (Fat Lip)
James Noble (Fat Lip)
Tom Williams (Zarzaparrillia, Louis Armstrong, Dead and Bloated,Ropes of Maui)
Dom Bridgwood (Ropes of Maui, Keen Roof)
Oli Grounsell (Ropes of Maui)
James Thornton (The Ace)
Nathan Phillips (Slashface)
Mark Katz (High Fidelity)
Keith Bradbury (Ammagamma)
Ryan Pasquill (8 Ball)
Danny Cattell (Le Dernier Atrocite)
Martin Smith (Superman)
Aidan Roberts (Steppenwolf)
Ed Hamer (Louis Armstrong)
Malcolm Smith (Firefight)
Andy Banks (Vice President)
Haydn Jones(Keen Roof)
8A+ Claire Bell (Chbalanke; Sarah SS)
Mina Leslie-Wujastyk (Lethal Design)
8A Jemma Powell (Stone Temple Pilots)
Leah Crane (Tourniquet)
Emma Banks (Royksopp)
7C+ Ella Russell (Ben's Roof Extension)
Michaela Tracy (The Dark Room)
Nia Fletcher (Trailer Trash)
Katy Whittaker (Shirley's Shining Temple (flash))
Emma Twyford (Lotus)
Lucinda Whittaker (Caroline)
Lucy Creamer (Trente Six)
7C Charlotte Telfer (Jess's Roof)
Jo Allen (The Pinch)
Charlie Torrance (Rock Atrocity; Fish Pie)
Michelle Wardle (Rock Atrocity)
Diane Merrick (Paint it Black)
Penny Orr (Dr. Crimp)
Tara Hayes (Ecialle de Line)
Charlotte Garden (Hannibal)
Esther Seddon (Rock Atrocity)
Debbie Corbett (Ben's Roof; Rock Atrocity)
Steph Holland (Ben's Roof; Mirf's Roof; Paint it Black; The Mentalist)
Jules Littlefair (Ben's Roof)
Ruth Smitton (Ben's Roof)
Anna Trybis (Sprung)
Alison Monks (Sprung; Coronary Bypass)
Lily Fitzgibbon (Man of Cow)
Possibles/Unknown Rob Sutton (8B Dumby Prob?) Naomi Guy (8A+ ?)
Suzan Dudink (8A+ ?)


Original mens thread and womens thread.

Grade Male Female
9a+ Steve McClure (Batman (9a/+); Overshadow Northern Exposure Ext)
9a/+ Tom Bolger (Cuidad de dios)
9a Stevie Haston (Hugh)
Alex Barrows (Era Vella)
Jordan Buys (Rainshadow)
Ben Moon (Rainshadow)
Stu Littlefair (Rainshadow)
James McHaffie (Big Bang)
Ryan Pasquill (Jungle Speed)
James Pearson (Esclatamàsters)
8c+ Stew Watson (One Night Stand)
Gaz Parry (Supersonico)
Tim Palmer (Progress)
Chris Savage (Progress)
Pete Robins (Diamond Dogs; Megalopa)
Neil Dyer (Megalopa)
Oli Grounsell (Megalopa)
Ted Kingsnorth (Kaa’bah)
Pete Whittaker (Kaa’bah)
Ethan Walker (Kaa’bah)
Ellis Butler-Barker (Brian)
Wiz Fineron (Mr Hyde)
Alan Cassidy (Metalcore)
Ben Davison (Eye of Odin (video))
Will Smith (Ultimate Sacrifice)
8c Gordon Lennox (Dracula True Finish) Mina Leslie-Wujastyk (Mecca Extension; Bat Route)
Ed Hamer (Tiger Cat) Hazel Findlay (Fish Eye)
Robbie Phillips (Especio Tempo; Project Fear; Bellavista)
Tom Newberry (Deathstar)
Ben Bransby (The Beast ascent in Doylo's Freshmeat film)
Jon Clark (Mecca Extension)
Matt Donnelly (Mecca Extension)
Dave McLoughlin (Hajj)
John Maskell (Fisheye)
Bob Hickish (Endeavour)
Matt Pickles (True North)
Robin Sutton (True North)
Mike Gray (True North)
Buster Martin (Bat Route)
Adam Jeewooth (Bat Route)
Richard Waterton (Bat Route)
Adam Harrison (Bat Route)
Rob Napier (Bat Route)
Sam Whittaker (Bat Route)
William Bosi (Transform)
Paul Reeve (Cry Freedom)
Steve Dunning (Cry of Freedom)
Adam Jeffs (Cry of Freedom)
Aidrian Baxter (Kalandraka)
Tim Emmett (Captain America)
Haydn Jones (Mecca Extension)
8b+/c Ben West (Helvetia) Emma Twyford (Unjustified)
Jim Pope (Helvetia)
Gav Symonds (Helvetia)
Bruno Marks (Unjustified)
Dan Walker (Unjustified)
Anthony Ingham, (Unjustified)
Arran Deakin (Unjustified)
8b+ Dave “Prof” Pickford (Helvetia (LH swerve)) Katy Whittaker (Mecca)
Adam Hocking (El Club de la Lucha) Lucy Creamer (Kalea Borroka)
Neil Gresham (Welcome to Tijuana (LH start))
Niall McNair (Mal de Isla)
Dave Redpath (Aqua Vitae)
Ali Kennedy (Kalea Borroka)
Ian MacDonald (T1 Full Equip)
Andre Hedger (Neandertal)
Alex Waterhouse (Tuppence Ha'penny)
Pete Dawson (Chimaera)
Eddie Barbour (Transworld Depravity)
Adam Lincoln (Dr Crimp)
Theo Elmer (Mecca)
Will Kelsall (32)
Ru Davis, (32)
Ben Heason (32)
Ally Smith (Aspid)
Luke Dawson (Mecca)
Simon Davis (Mecca)
George Carmichael (Mecca)
Mick Bate (Mecca)
Dan Kyte (Mecca)
Char Williams (Mecca)
Ned Feehally (Mecca)
Keefe Murphy (El Club de la Lucha)
Cailean Harker (Poppy)
Gavin Symonds (Poppy)
Chris Doyle (Raiders of the Dark Ark)
Dave Barrans (Indian Summer)
8b/+ Karin Magog (El Infierno)
8b Ruth Jenkins (Zeke the Freak)
Nat Berry (Satan X)
Jules Littlefair (Predator)
Jenny Woodward (Predator; Huecool)
Lucy Mitchell (Huecool)
Lucinda Whittaker (Austrian Oak)
Michaela Tracy (Ramadan)
Maddie Cope (Love Amongst The Butterflies)
8a+ Dalvinder Sodhi (50for5; Ashes Link)
Ako Shillitoe (Supercool)
Ruth Smitton (Supercool)
Julie Pearson (Supercool)
Lisa Alhadeff (Supercool)
Ella Russel (Overnight Sensation)
Wendy Coles (Tiroli Valenti)
Mia Stacey (Flix Flax)
Cherry Bedford (Pet Cemetery)
Naomi Buys (GBH)
Tanya Meredith (GBH)
Raelene Cowie (Boot Boys)
8a Zoe Ogden (Raindogs)
Rhoslyn Frugniet (Cidersoak)
Emily Allen (Aberration)
Karen Whitehouse (Aberration)
Nicola Taylor (Aberration)
Leah Crane (Route 11)
Rebecca Kinghorn (Daniboy)
Katherine Schirrmacher (Powerplant)
Katy Piddock (Pren Nota)
Gill Peet (Toadal Recall)
Lynne Malcolm (Thai Dream)
Charlotte Garden (Ergometria)
Natalie Tanzer (Me Cago en el Amor)
Charlotte Warner (Pinza time)
Rachel Slater (Bon Viatge)
Vicki Hau (Gracias Fina)
Rachel Morrison-Elliott (La Perdonavidas)
Alison Martindale (Mediterraneo)
Frances Bensley (Gracias Fina)
Laura Smitton (Oujiboard)
Possibles/Unknown Shauna Coxsey (8b ?)
Sylvia Fitzpatrick (8a ?)

Trad >= 8b+

Original thread

Male Female Possibles/Unknown
Dave MacLeod (Rhapsody; Echo Wall)
Neil Mawson (Choronzon)
Pete Whittaker (Century Crack; Cobra Crack; Bigger Baron)
Neil Bentley (Equilibrium)
Tom Randall (Century Crack; Cobra Crack; Dina Crack; Pura Pura)
Steve McClure (Choronzon)
Stevie Haston (Green Spit)


Grade Male Female
XI 11 Dave MacLeod (video)
Andy Turner (The Hurting)
XI 10
XI 9
XI 8
X 10
X 9 Pete Harrison (Wide Asleep (On-sight))
X 8
IX 10
IX 9
IX 8
IX 7

The Climbs

In case anyone fancied trying their hand at any of these boulder problems and routes the following tables list them along with links to further details where they're known.

Boulder Problems

Grade Name Details
8C Seranata Maltby, Yorkshire (UK)
Jour de Chasse Recloses, Fontainebleau (France)
8B+ New Base Line Magic Wood (Switzerland)
Gecko Assis Bouligny, Fontainebleau (France)
From The Dirt Grows the Flowers (Left) Chironico (Switzerland)
The Rail Back Bowden, Northumberland (UK)
King of Limbs Rocklands (South Africa)
The Island Coquibus Rumont, Fontainebleau (France)
A Man Escaped Conneticut, USA
Bewilderness Badger Cove, Peak District (UK)
8B/+ Dandelion Mind
Belly of the Beast Raven Tor, Peak District (UK)
Mooiste Meisie Rocklands (South Africa)
Monk Life Kyloe in the Woods, Northumberland (UK)
Mandala (SS) Buttermilks, Bishop, California (USA)
8B Louis Armstrong
La Dernier Atrocite Parisellas Cave, Llandudno
Patina Turner
Working Class (SS)
Keen Roof Raven Tor, Peak District (UK)
The Vice Rocklands (South Africa)
Bloodsport (LH)
Voyager Burbage North, Peak District (UK)
One Summer in Paradise
Isles of Wonder Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia (UK)
High Fidelity
Fat Lip Raven Tor, Peak District (UK)
Dead and Bloated
Ropes of Maui
The Ace Stanage Plantation, Peak District (UK)
High Fidelity
Ammagamma Grampians (Australia)
8 Ball Gardoms, Peak District (UK)
Le Dernier Atrocite

Sports Routes

Grade Name Details
9a+ Batman
Overshadow Malham Cove (UK)
Northern Exposure (extension) Kilnsey (UK)
9a/+ Cuidad de dios Spain
9a Hugh France
Era Vella Margalef (Spain)
Rainshadow Malham Cove (UK)
Big Bang Lower Pen Trwyn, Llandudno (UK)
Jungle Speed Spain
8c+ One Night Stand Niederthai (Austria)
Progress Kilnsey (UK)
Diamond Dogs The Diamond, Llandudno (UK)
Megalopa Lower Pen Trwyn, Llandudno (UK)
Kaa'bah Raven Tor, Peak District (UK)
Brian Anstey's Cove (UK)
Metalcore The Anvil, Loch Goile (UK)
Eye of Odin Flatanger (Norway)
8a Ouijiboard Cheedale Cornice

Trad Routes

Name Grade Details
Rhapsody E11 7a Dumbarton, Scotland (UK)
Echo Wall - Glen Nevis, Scotland (UK)
Century Crack USA
Cobra Crack Canada
Bigger Baron E10 7a Wimberry, Peak District (UK)
Equilibrium E10 7a Burbage South, Peak District (UK)
Dina Crack
Pura Pura
Green Spit
Choronzon E10 7a Pembroke (UK)