Overview Edit

Areas Edit

Albarracin Edit

Red sandstone. Most well-known area in Spain.

Accommodation Edit

Cabins can work out quite expensive unless full and when full they're a bit of a squeeze, though off-season deals may be possible. Some hotels in the town can actually work out much better value.

Food Edit

La Taverna does excellent taps and the house wine is about 9E a litre. The climbers bar is on the junction that heads up the road and isn't bad either.

Burguillo Edit

Attractive water worn granite 90km west of Madrid.

Can Boquet Edit

Granite boulders spread out over a hillside in a remote forest near Barcelona. Video

El Cogul Edit

Ranks alongside Albarracin. 165km west of Barcelona. Steep landings, no shade and be careful where you park as the locals can get a tad funny if you block their access. El Cogul can be damned hot even in winter.

El Escorial Edit

Mountain granite, minor area 55km from Madrid. Video

Galicia Edit

A granite area in the North-West of Spain. Development has been on-going over the last few years and is documented in a film Finisterre : Bouldering on a Shrinking Globe (buy it here).

Hoya Moros Edit

A mountainous region (2100m) west of Madrid. Video of first ascents from 2013 to give an idea of the area. Topos can be found online searching for hoyamorosbouldering.pdf, and a blog on bouldering at Hoya Moros can be found here.

La Pedriza Edit

A large granite area, 60km from Madrid. The developers of the area maintain a blog (in Spanish) about developments within the area. A guidebook Pedriza Boulder 1864 (2012) is also available, more info on this blog.

Navalosa Edit

Well developed granite area.

Savassonna Edit

Sandstone 70km north of Barcelona. Lovely spot, flat landings and shady. Enough for four or five days at a throw. On sunny days, Savassona can be around 20 ish deg. C even at winter. There was a new guide in early 2011, much better on grades and maps than the general guide. Published by Editorial Alpina.

Sant Joan de Vilatorrada Edit

Pockety, pebbley sandstone, 65km north west of Barcelona.

Santa Gadea Edit

Sandstone bouldering. Article by Percy Bishton here.

Tamajon Edit

Tamajon Boulder Blog

Zarzelejos Edit

A random video

Lanzarote Edit

A couple of areas are detailed here.

Weather Edit

Guides Edit

A review of the Spanish bouldering guide by Greg Chapman is here.

Galician Bouldering Guide

Pedriza Boulder 1864

Hoya Moros

Albarracin Topos

Links Edit

La Pedriza

Tamjon Boulder Blog Spanish bouldering site with topos and database for registering ascents.

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