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[1]7+8 list by grade.

[2]7+8 list by crag.

Ashworth Moor Quarry SD 824 159 Edit

[3] Link to Topo [4] UKBouldering thread and videos

7a As Follows Robin Mueller December 2009

7a Armed to the Teeth (traverse) Robin Mueller December 2009

7a+ Just Bellow Robin Mueller December 2009

7a+ Temple of the Tooth (traverse/link-up) Chris Woodward April 2012

7b Whodunnit Robin Mueller December 2009

7b A Better Tomorrow (traverse/link-up) Chris Woodward September 2012

Blackstone Edge SD 972 164 Edit

[5] Link to Topo [6] UKbouldering thread and videos

7a Nik's Groove (eliminate) Nik Jennings January 2008

7a+ Nick's Traverse Nick Conway 1980s

7a+ Ape Hour Nick Conway 1980s Named by Russel Bowman when reclimbed May 2008

7b+ Fridge Hugger Nik Jennings 12th March 2009

Brownstones Quarry SD 681 125 Edit

[7] Link to Topo (be aware it is 32MB) [8]UKBouldering thread [9] The Brownstones Wiki

7a Groundhog Start Geoff Hibbert 1993

7a Young Pretender Start Adam Richardson, Geoff Hibbert April 1998

7a Dezertion  ?? Between 1979 and 1983 (may have been done originally with a jump start- only the static start is 7a)

7a Tulip (traverse) Geoff Hibbert 2002

7a Jim Squat (Nexus Wall eliminate) Jim Holmes Years ago

7a Unjustice (eliminate) Robin Mueller 2006

7a Pigswill Sit Start  ?? years ago

7a Nightlife (eliminate dyno) Robin Mueller January 2006

7a Direkt with a K (eliminate) Steve Li April 2007

7a Knarhl Robin Mueller April 2009 (possibly done before by Geoff Hibbert but details lacking)

7a Everything Else is Wet (Nexus Wall eliminate) Robin Mueller 2009

7a Goldilocks (Nexus Wall eliminate) Robin Mueller 2009

7a Good Golly (eliminate) Robin Mueller 2009

7a/+ Lancashire PotHot (eliminate on Nexus Wall) Gareth Wallis/ Robin Mueller Done originally by RM at 6c+, but repeated on 12/3/2010 by GCW after loss of large flake

7a+ Hank's Wall (strict line) Hank Pasquill 1979-1983

7a+ Pigswill No Tricks (eliminate)  ????

7a+ Unpinched (eliminate)  ?? years ago

7a+ Grand Theft Paul Robins 2001 (also claimed around the same time by Geoff Hibbert as Dylan at 6c+)

7a+ PP (eliminate) Matt Leigh  ??

7a+ The Witching Hour (eliminate dyno) Robin Mueller January 2006

7a+ The Bad (eliminate dyno) Robin Mueller January 2006

7a+ Crackhorse Calum Berry 4th February 2006

7a+ Ridiculous Dyno (obvious eliminate dyno) Robin Mueller December 2006

7a+ Big Muff Robin Mueller 30th September 2006

7a+ Hogwart's (eliminate) Steve Li September 2006

7a+ Ninja Finger Paul Robins April 2007

7a+ Dezertion Sitstart  ??  ??

7a+ Idle Thumbs Robin Mueller April 2009

7a+ The Low Road (eliminate) Robin Mueller 2009

7b Thunder Mark Leach, Paul Pritchard 1986-1987

7b Three Hold Hank (eliminate of Hank's Wall) Andy Kay  ??

7b Hank's Wall Sitstart Dylan Fletcher pre-1999

7b Proper Pigswill No Tricks (even more eliminate) Gareth Wallis 2005

7b Ridiculous Eliminate (eliminate) Robin Mueller December 2005

7b The Ugly (eliminate dyno) Robin Mueller January 2006

7b Lifeline Sitstart Robin Mueller December 2006

7b Dezertion Eliminate (eliminate- uses crimp instead of good hold) Matt Leigh  ??

7b Good Grief (eliminate) Robin Mueller 2009

7b The Bignag Robin Mueller February 2012

7b+ Groundhog Sitstart Jordan Buys February 2005

7b+ Sieta's Present (eliminate) Dylan Fletcher pre-1999

7b+ Unjust Dyno (eliminate and very morpho) Johnny Peake? years ago

7b+ Right Hand Hank (eliminate of Hank's Wall) Andy Kay 2004

7b+ Andy's Eliminate (another Pigswill eliminate) Andy Kay  ??

7b+ Dezertion Eliminate Sitstart (eliminate) Robin Mueller 2007

7b+ The Vision (Nexus Wall eliminate) Robin Mueller 2009

7c Peaky's Problem (very morpho eliminate) Johnny Peake pre-2005

7c Colt Paul Robins 2001 (unrepeated since hold breakage- grade may have increased)

Cadshaw Quarry SD 708 180 Edit

[10] South Lancs Bouldering Page

7a Brian Jacques Robin Mueller February 2006

7a Rivers of Blood Gareth Wallis 23rd March 2011 standing start from two edges that most other people can't reach

7a+ Mighty Mouse Robin Mueller April 2009

7a+ Jump Arete Sit Start Gareth Wallis 19th June 2011 Funky diagonal dyno!

7a+ Twist and Shout Robin Mueller May 2012

7c Rivers of Blood Gareth Wallis 4th May 2011 Sit start to the Red Wall, a more logical problem than the stand up

7c Copernicus Robin Mueller April 2013 [11]UKBouldering Thread

Cow's Mouth Quarry SD 962191 Edit

7a Nyan Cat Robin Mueller April 2013 [12]UKBouldering thread

Crag Stones SD 696 475 Edit

[13] Topo and video

7a Black Whirlwind Robin Mueller May 2012

7a Underthing Robin Mueller May 2012

7a Gritstick Robin Mueller May 2012

7b+ No Mono No Cry Robin Mueller May 2012

Craig y Longridge (aka Greenbank Quarry) SD 619 384 Edit

[14] The Craig Y Longridge Wiki [15] South Lancs Bouldering page and topo link

7a Grow Wings Rob Smitton 1986 (low hold broke later)

7a Bend of the Rainbow (traverse) Rob Smitton 1986

7a Unnatural Selection Andrew Gridley 1986

7a Twelve Dreams (low traverse) Rob Smitton 1986-87

7a Kiss the Razor's Edge (low traverse) Olly Ellsworth 1995, extended by Ian Thomas in 1997

7a The Motion Vector (avoids good hold) Pete Black 1996

7a Lowlife Traverse (traverse) Aaron Tonks 2008

7a+ Big Marine Mick Lovatt 1986

7a+ Fertile Delta Mark Leach 1986

7a+ Missing Link Pete Black 1986-87

7a+ Mr. Skin (traverse) Rob Smitton 1987

7a+ Eat Em and Smile Malc Haslam 1987

7a+ Chocolate Popsicle Andrew Griffith 1991

7a+ Chatterbop (eliminate dyno) Matt Leigh September 2003

7a+ Orifice of Faeces Adam Lincoln, Ryan Pasquill 2008? (originally climbed in 1985 by Andrew Gridley, became much harder after the ground was excavated)

7b Gaz's Traverse (traverse) Gareth Parry  ??

7b Ping (eliminate dyno) Paul Robins 2001

7b/+ Renal Failure Paul Pritchard 1987

7b+ In Excess Sit Start Rupert Davies

7b+ Bend of the Rainbow Free  ??  ?? (links Pot Of Gold start into Bend of the Rainbow)

7b+ The Priory Paul Robins May 2002 (starts as for Push to Prolapse then finishes up and right, independently of Colon Power. Direct start by Sam Davenhall)

7c Colon Power Paul Robins May 2002

7c Vicker's Eliminate (eliminate right of Seven-A) Ian Vickers  ??

7c Full Circle (circuit) Gareth Parry  ?? (link Gaz's Traverse to the end of Bend..., then reverse bend of the Rainbow. F8a route)

7c Delta Force Chris Davies 11th February 2008 (eliminate to get the 7c grade, can be done at 7a+/b without blinkers)

7c Excess Force Sam Dewhurst 5th May 2010 (In Excess sitter into Fertile Delta)

7c+ Submarine Ryan Pasquill 2005

7c+ Pot of Gold (low start to Colon Power) Ryan Pasquill 2008?

7c+/8a The Priory Direct Start Sam Davenhall 2009

8a The Traverse of the Gods Dave Kenyon late 1980s (French 8b+ sport)

8a+ Going Down (traverse) Neil Carson  ?? (font grade almost irrelevant, makes more sense as an 8c+ route)

8a+ Super Submarine Gareth Parry 26th March 2007

Cringlebarrow (aka Cringlesport) SD 498 756 Edit

[16] LakesBloc Page for Cringlebarrow

7b Ichabod Spooklemaus Greg Chapman ???

7b Discohesion Sit Start Greg Chapman  ???

7b+ Revenant (traverse) Greg Chapman 2001

7c Brane Damage (traverse) Greg Chapman July 2007

8a Curtain Call (traverse) John Gaskins 2000

8a Curtain Call Reverse (traverse) John Gaskins  ???

Dalton Crags SD 552 771 Edit

[17]LakesBloc guide (10MB)

7a+ Umbongo (eliminate) Greg Chapman/ John Gaskins  ??

7a+ Problem D  ??  ??

7b Boon Town  ??  ??

7b Digithaul  ??  ??

7c Sonic Boon Greg Chapman June 2009

Denham Quarry SD 592 228 Edit

[18] Denham Bouldering Topo

7a Nik's Traverse (eliminates big holds) Nik Jennings 2001

7a Hypno-Toad Sit Start Gareth Wallis 28th April 2014

7b Crap Pot Nik Jennings 2001. Pretty much destroyed by fire November 2011

7b Snap Derision (eliminate) Gareth Wallis February 2008 (previously 7a/+ until a jug snapped, reclimbed by GCW soon after) heading back towards 7a/+ as holds erode July 2012

7b+ The Undercut Problem Nik Jennings 2001

7b+/c The Denham Traverse Ian McDonald pre-1994 (unclear of the original line, grade here is for staying as low as possible). The crux destroyed by fire November 2011

8a Snatch Nik Jennings 2001

Duxon Hill Quarry SD 608 257 Edit

7a Shed Seven Robin Mueller 12th December 2011

Egerton Quarry SD 719 143 Edit

[19] South Lancs Bouldering Page (limited at present) [20] UKBouldering thread and videos

7b Broken Jokes Robin Mueller August 2009

7b/+ Hindsight Robin Mueller 11th May 2010

7b+ Blue Mushroom Warrior Robin Mueller 11th May 2010

Fairy Steps* SD 486 789 Edit

[21] LakesBloc page for Fairy Steps

7a The Second Coming John Gaskins  ??

7a Democracy John Gaskins  ??

7a Smooth Wall Sit Start John Gaskins  ??

7a The Trick (dyno) John Gaskins  ?? (originally much harder, 7c+ or so, when originally done- footholds have been uncovered as the ground dropped)

7a+ Trick Sit Start John Gaskins  ??

7a+ No Name (Problem 50) J Gaskins  ??

7a+ No Name (Problem 54a) J Gaskins  ??

7a+ No Name, Sit Start (Problem 8) John Gaskins  ??

7a+ Red Dot Traverse (eliminate traverse) John Gaskins  ??

7b Aeon Dyno John Gaskins  ??

7b+ Aeon (traverse, some rules) John Gaskins  ??

7c Aeon Prow John Gaskins  ??

7c Intellect Sit Start John Gaskins  ??

7c Aeon Reverse (traverse) John Gaskins  ??

7c Ash Tree Wall Sit Start John Gaskins  ?? (Reclimbed by Greg Chapman)

7c+ Axiom John Gaskins  ??

8a Aeons (there and back traverse with rules) John Gaskins  ??

8a+ Axiom Sit Start John Gaskins  ??

8a+ Walk Away Wall R-L Traverse John Gaskins August 2005

8a+/b Walk Away John Gaskins  ?? (original method 8b, slightly easier dynamically)

8c Walk Away Sit Start John Gaskins January 2003

Farleton Crags* SD 539 796 (including Newbiggin Crags SD 551 793) Edit

[22] LakesBloc page for Farleton Area

7a The Flux  ??  ??

7a Flakes Traverse John Gaskins  ??

7a Coil Wall Traverse  ??  ??

7a+ Surfa Rosa John Gaskins  ??

7a+ The Coil W Williamson 1984

7a+ White Out (traverse, some rules) John Gaskins  ??

7a+ White Out Roof (some rules) John Gaskins  ??

7a+ Left Wall  ??  ??

7a+ Beyond the Berghorn John Gaskins  ??

7b The Wrath of Khan (obvious eliminate) Tony Mitchell 1980s

7b Panda John Gaskins  ??

7b New Rose John Gaskins 1998

7b The Fridge John Gaskins  ??

7b Slap Arete (eliminate)  ??  ??

7b Ingleborough Wall John Gaskins  ??

7c The Undiscovered Country (strict line) John Gaskins  ??

7c+ Pandemonium (highball) John Gaskins  ??

Greenbooth SD 854 157 Edit

[23] Link to Topo [24] UKBouldering thread and videos

7a The Glass Ceiling Robin Mueller December 2009

7a+ Fairweather Slapper Robin Mueller December 2009

Harcles Hill SD 779 169 Edit

[25] South lancs Bouldering page [26] UKBouldering thread and videos

7a/+ Superfly Robin Mueller 2005?

7b Superflea Robin Mueller December 2009

Healey Nab SD 607 183 Edit

[27] South Lancs Bouldering page and Topo (awaiting update) [28] UKBouldering thread and videos

7a Titanium Traverse Gareth Wallis May 2006

7a+ The Stretch (eliminate on Grabadabadoo) Gareth Wallis April 2010

7b+ Double Dutch Robin Mueller December 2008

Heysham Head SD 408 615 Edit

[29] LakesBloc page and topo link

7a Atomic Wall Right Hand  ??  ??

7a Discocaine Greg Chapman June 1998

7a Escape From Hell Greg Chapman September 1998

7a No Name (Problem 5) Neil Kershaw July 1999

7a Melt Down Greg Chapman June 2003

7b+ Boogaloo Shrimp Greg Chapman December 2001

7c Subliminal Greg Chapman  ??

7c+ Subliminal Sit Start John Gaskins February 2004

8a Boogaloo Shrimp (without footblock) John Gaskins  ??

8a Atomic Garden John Gaskins  ??

Hutton Roof Crags SD 564 781 Edit

[30] LakesBloc page and topo link

7a The Crack Sit Start  ??  ??

7a Dead Eyes John Gaskins  ??  ??

7a+ Nick's Traverse (eliminate) Nick Conway  ??

7a+ The Cause (sit start)  ??  ??

7b+ Blast Away John Gaskins  ??

8a+ Chimera (eliminate traverse) John Gaskins 1996

Hyning Wood Crags SD 502 735 Edit

[31] LakesBloc page and topo link

7a No Name John Gaskins  ??

7a+ Transgenic- first half (traverse) John Gaskins  ??

7a+ Groove Roof Left John Gaskins  ??

7a+ No Name John Gaskins  ??

7b Corner Crack John Gaskins  ??

8a Transgenic (traverse) John Gaskins  ??

8a Moreau's Island (traverse) Greg Chapman January 2006

Jumbles SD 736 138 Edit

[32] Jumbles Wiki (work in progress)

7a Sit Thee Down Robin Mueller 23rd May 2010 (sit start)

7a Flight 93 Gareth Wallis 3rd July 2010 French start to The Crescent of Embrace

7a Clown's Pocket Direct (avoids the arête to start) Nik Jennings 9th May 2010

7b The Crescent of Embrace Gareth Wallis 3rd July 2010 Morpho, likely to be harder for the vertically challenged

Lark Hill (Holcombe Moor) SD 767 177 Edit

[33] UKBouldering thread and video

7b Danger Zone (traverse) Robin Mueller April 2009

Lester Mill SD 618 164 Edit

[34] Topo [35] Video

7b Rapunzel Robin Mueller May 2012

Lower Montcliffe Quarry SD 653 121 Edit

[36] South Lancs Bouldering page and topo

7a Indian Face Sit Start Robin Mueller  ??

7a Maid In Stone Robin Mueller May 2008

7a+ Bach (traverse) Robin Mueller 1st December 2007

Salthill Crag SD 754 425 Edit

[37] UKBouldering thread and images

7a Bingo Bongo Sam Anderton June 2009

7a+ Bing (traverse) Sam Anderton June 2009

Shuck's Lair* SD 482 796 Edit

[38] LakesBloc page and topo link

7a The Slope-a-dope Greg Chapman

7a+ Alkaline Jazz Greg Chapman May 2007

7a+ The Bogle Realm Greg Chapman May 2007

7b React Dat Booty Greg Chapman May 2007

7b Casimir Effect Greg Chapman May 2007

7b Alkaline Jazz Extension ??  ??

7b+ The Cappel (traverse) Greg Chapman May 2007

7c The Doom Gaze Greg Chapman 2007

7c+ Brane World Greg Chapman May 2007

8a Eye of the Storm Greg Chapman 2007

8a+ Credo Greg Chapman April 2010

Stanworth Quarry SD 638 241 Edit

[39] South Lancs Bouldering page (limited at present)

8b Gaskins' Slab John Gaskins October 2005

Stronstrey Bank Quarry SD 619 186 Edit

[40] Link to topo (awaiting update May 2010 [41] UKBouldering thread and videos

7a Mirth of the Ducks Robin Mueller 2009

7a Sans Arete (obvious eliminate dyno, morpho) Gareth Wallis 13th May 2010

7a+ Funhouse (eliminate dyno) Robin Mueller 2009

7a+ David Vetter (highball arete) Gareth Wallis 21st April 2010

Thorn Crag SD 591 571 Edit

[42] LakesBloc page and topo links

7a And For My Next Trick Greg Chapman February 2001

7a Resistance is Futile Greg Chapman March 2002

7a Slice of Life Neil Kershaw February 2003

7a+ Mothership Reconection Greg Chapman February 2002

7a+ Pit Fight (morpho) Greg Chapman February 2006

7a+ The Man From Del Monte Greg Chapman March 2006

7a+ Budmunk Greg Chapman February 2007 (original method was known as Lollygagger 7b and finished directly)

7a+ Fizzix of Pop Greg Chapman November 2007

7a+ Monster Minds Greg Chapman November 2008

7b Bad Moon Rising Neil Kershaw February 2003

7b Fix My Sink Greg Chapman February 2003

7b Yule Jewel Greg Chapman December 2006

7b Positions of Strength Greg Chapman January 2009

7b Patricky (morpho) Pat King  ??

7b+ Fire Wall (morpho) Mick Adams March 2005

7b+ The Plumbers Link Mick Adams March 2005

7c+ Return of the Fly John Gaskins December 2003

8a Endangered Species John Gaskins October 2003

8a Outer Reach Greg Chapman January 2006

8a Vector Greg Chapman November 2007

8b A Moment of Clarity (highball arete) John Gaskins February 2006

Tonacliffe Quarry SD 883 166 Edit

[43] Link to topo [44] UKBouldering thread

7a Hubble (eliminate) Pete Reynolds 2000

7a JGP (eliminate) Pete Reynolds 2000

7a+ Home (eliminate) Pete Reynolds 2000

Trowbarrow Quarry SD 481 758 Edit

[45] LakesBloc page and topo links

7a Funk Phenomena Greg Chapman March 2000

7a No Name (Problem 4) (Short crimpy wall on the Small Boulder) Greg Chapman/ John Gaskins  ??

7a+ Shallow Grave John Gaskins  ??

7a+ Mojo Greg Chapman September 2000

7a+ Mojo Extension Greg Chapman September 2000

7a+ Regular John Tom Burns April 2005

7a+/b Greg's Dyno (morpho, eliminate) Greg Chapman/ John Gaskins  ??

7b Shallow Grave Super Direct (eliminate) John Gaskins/ Greg Chapman  ??

7b Jazz Phenomena Greg Chapman  ??

7b Yin Yang (morpho) Greg Chapman May 2003

7b Ned's Problem Ned Feehally July 2007

7b+ The Pit Problem John Gaskins  ??

7b+ Texas Hold Em' Neil Kershaw March 2007

7c Coral Sea Super Super Direct John Gaskins  ??

7c The Big G Start John Gaskins  ??

7c The Big G Start into Regular John John Gaskins  ??

7c Yin Yang Left Hand John Gaskins  ??

7c The Buccaneer John Gaskins December 2003

7c 6 Foot Sicks (morpho) Tom Burns May 2005

7c Vitruvian Man Neil Kershaw June 2007

7c+ Prophets of Sound aka "Red Dots Dyno" (eliminate) Greg Chapman March 2003

7c+ Wheel Barrow Tom Sugden April 2006

7c+/8a Iron Man Greg Chapman May 2008

8a Shallow Groove John Gaskins  ??

8a Atrocity Exhibition (obvious eliminate) John Gaskins  ??

8a Free Hang Sit Start John Gaskins December 2003

8a Prophets of Sound Sit Start (eliminate) Greg Chapman March 2007

8a Pac Man Ryan Pasquill March 2009

8a Texas Hold 'Em Sit Start Sam Davenhall May 2010 grade is an estimate as Sam was going to give it 7b

8b Isla De Encanta John Gaskins

8c Il Pirata John Gaskins February 2004

Warton Crags SD 493 727 Edit

[46] LakesBloc page adn topo link

7a The Plumbline B Lounds 1968

7a The Plumb Traverse (traverse)  ??  ??

7a The Crank D Bates 1980's

7a Black Light (stand-up) Greg Chapman/ John Gaskins

7a Totally Focussed Greg Chapman 1998

7a+ Little Roof John Gaskins  ??

7a+ Voodoo People (stand-up) John Gaskins  ??

7a+ Black Light Variation  ??  ??

7a+ Debaser Greg Chapman  ??

7a+ The Lip Taverse  ??  ??

7a+ Totally Focussed Sit Start Neil Kershaw 1999

7a+ John's Problem (eliminate) John Gaskins December 2003

7b Debaser Left Hand (traverse into Debaser)  ??  ??

7b Black Light Sit Start Greg Chapman/ John Gaskins  ??

7b Voodoo People (sit start) John Gaskins 1997

7b John's Abomination (original) John Gaskins December 2003

7b+ Beneath the Labyrinth (eliminate traverse) Greg Chapman April 2008

7b+ Taken By Surprise (highball) John Gaskins  ??

7c Poison Greg Chapman March 2008

7c Voodoo Magic (eliminate) Nick Clement April 2008

7c E-Fix (obvious eliminate) Greg Chapman April 2008

7c+ Goode Poison (traverse link into Poison) Greg Chapman  ??

8a The Original Debaser John Gaskins 1998

8a Ebeneezer Goode Greg Chapman  ??

8a+ The Full Traverse (Plum Buttress) John Gaskins October 2004

Wilton One SD 699 134 Edit

[47] South Lancs Bouldering page and topo link [48] UKBouldering thread

7a Soot Monkey Start Paul Pritchard 1985

7a Snakey B (Original) Robin Mueller 12th September 2005 (Done with right hand finish by Calum Berry years ago)

7a Calum's Problem Calum Berry  ??

7a The Move (obvious eliminate) Robin Mueller 2009

7a Traverse of the Underlings (traverse) Robin Mueller August 2011

7a Grandad's Chin Robin Mueller August 2011

7a Flywalk Slab  ??  ??

7a Remembarete SDS Robin Mueller September 2011, trundling has now made the sitstart too high - 2013

7a Children of Arachne Robin Mueller 28th September 2011

7a+ Snakey B Left Hand Andy Kay? Back in the day Now 6c after holds broke

7a+ Thulsa Doom Robin Mueller August 2007

7a+ Midgesquito Crimpelopes Robin Mueller August 2011

7a+ The Postman's Daughter Robin Mueller August 2011

7a+ Yoga For Climbers Robin Mueller August 2011

7a+ Energiser Robin Mueller 2011 Dyno

Wilton Two SD 699 134 Edit

[49] South Lancs Bouldering page and topo link [50] UKBouldering thread

7a The Down Low Robin Mueller August 2011 small boulder- eliminate problem, climbing arete on its right

7a Down Lower Gareth Wallis 15th September 2011 ridiculously lowball with the crux being dab avoidance!!

7b Purple Feel Robin Mueller August 2011

Wilton Three SD 695 135 Edit

[51] South Lancs Bouldering page and topo [52] UKBouldering thread and video

7a Blind Flurry Robin Mueller December 2009

7b Rodin's Requiem John Hartley 1984 (grade may be wrong, just going by what Caleb told me)

7b Scuffle Bucket Robin Mueller 2011

7c? Ryan's Arete Ryan Pasquill  ??

7c The Starship Wilton Robin Mueller September 2011 slightly eliminate roof

Windy Clough SD 539 602 (including Clougha) Edit

[53] LakesBloc page and topo link

7a Bodacious Greg Chapman March 2010

7a Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm Greg Chapman March 2010

7a Country for Old Men Greg Chapman March 2010

7b Good Ol'd Days Greg Chapman March 2010

7b+ No Country for Old Men (morpho) Greg Chapman March 2010

Woodwell Crags SD 464 742 Edit

[54] LakesBloc page and topo link

6c+/7a Closer John Gaskins  ??

6c+/7a What's This For...? John Gaskins  ??

7a Tom's Traverse Reverse Tom Walkington 1980s

7a Wareing Thin (highball) S Wareing  ??

7a Alien Head Chris Doyle  ?? morpho

7a The Puzzle (obvious eliminate) Greg Chapman August 1999

7a Dave's Problem David Bates September 2001

7a Angel Deelite Greg Chapman September 2001

7a Whistler John Gaskins/ Neil Kershaw June 2006

7a/+ The Crushinator (standing start) Greg Chapman  ??

7a+ The Footless Marathon Tom Walkington  ??

7a+ Crucifix Kiss John Gaskins  ??

7a+ Nothing to Say Dyno (obvious eliminate) Neil Kershaw  ??

7a+ Spinner Link David Bates  ??

7a+ Sanctified Strong (eliminate)  ??  ??

7a+ Superstar DJ Tin Pot Todd (low start) Greg Chapman September 2001

7a+ Cricco Castelli Finish Greg Chapman February 2002

7a+ Weston's Wall Greg Chapman September 2007

7b Anna (second half of Anesthesia) John Gaskins  ??

7b Whats This Cross For? John Gaskins  ??

7b The Beauty of Being Numb John Gaskins  ??

7b Screaming Slave (eliminate) John Gaskins  ??

7b Rigpa David Bates  ??

7b H20 Sit Start John Gaskins  ??

7b The Crushinator Sit Start Greg Chapman  ??

7b Flying Finish Sam Cattell  ??

7b Kiss of the Dragon Greg Chapman June 2006

7b The Gringo Trail Greg Chapman June 2006

7b The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse Greg Chapman March 2007

7b+ Screaming Slave Left Hand (eliminate) John Gaskins  ??

7b+ The Beauty of Being Crucified John Gaskins  ??

7b+ The Crushinator Sit Start Greg Chapman  ??

7b+ Lilly Pond Walk Neil Kershaw  ??

7b+ Blood Sugar Sex Magic Greg Chapman September 2002

7b+ The Crabbers Link Greg Chapman August 2005

7b+ Embargo Greg Chapman August 2005

7b+ Spicey Parsnip Neil Kershaw June 2006

7b+ Whistler Super Direct (eliminate) Greg Chapman June 2006

7b+/c The Crushinator Extended Start Tom Newberry 4th May 2010

7c King of Skin John Gaskins  ??

7c Tree Root (morpho) John Gaskins  ??

7c Griddle Groove Tourist Tick John Gaskins  ??

7c Not Bad Dave (AKA The Cad sit start) John Gaskins  ??

7c Manky Gaskins Crack (R of Neil's Groove) John Gaskins  ??

7c The Crack (eliminate) John Gaskins  ??

7c Danny's Lip Danny Cattell  ??

7c Butternut Squash Neil Kershaw  ??

7c Turbulence Neil Kershaw September 2001

7c Blood Sugar Sex Magic Extension Greg Chapman July 2004

7c Prohibition Exhibition Greg Chapman August 2005

7c Deal in Pain Greg Chapman April 2006

7c Paroxysm Greg Chapman May 2006

7c+ Memories of Tomorrow (eliminate) John Gaskins  ??

7c+ Nuclear Tides John Gaskins  ??

7c+ Back Hand Roof John Gaskins  ??

7c+ Hybrid Moments - Turbulence Link Neil Kershaw  ??

7c+ Hybrid Moments John Gaskins May 2003

7c+ Turbulence - Flying Finish Link Greg Chapman August 2005

7c+ Danny's Lip - Embargo Link Greg Chapman August 2005

8a The Art of Self Destruction (jump sequence easier, morpho) John Gaskins  ??

8a The Art of Self Destruction - Nuclear Tides Link  ??  ??

8a Griddle Groove (starting from back of roof) John Gaskins  ??

8a Cave Direct John Gaskins  ??

8a Back to the Moonlight Greg Chapman  ??

8a Back Hand - Flying Finish Link Neil Kershaw  ??

8a Cloning Technology John Gaskins 1997

8a Hybrid Moments - Blood Sugar Sex Magic Extension Link Christopher Doyle 2005

8a Flying in Circles (big training link up) Neil Kershaw July 2006

8a Not Bad Nige Ryan Pasquill August 2006

8a+ Cloning Technology Extension John Gaskins  ??

8a+ Feel the Pain John Gaskins  ??

8a+ Nuclear Transplant Nick Clement June 2008

8a+ Hybrid Moments Reverse- Paroxysm- Turbulent Flight Link John Gaskins 2006

8a+/b The Aaronator Sam Davenhall 2009 (link up- a route grade is more appropriate)

8b Anesthesia John Gaskins  ??

8b/+ Anesthesia Reverse John Gaskins 2008 (reverses Anesthesia then up)

8b+ Kaizen John Gaskins  ??

8b+ At the Heart of it All John Gaskins October 2003

Acknowledgements Edit

Special thanks to Greg Chapman for giving permission to use his Silverdale, Thorn and Windy Clough information. His Website, [55] LakesBloc, remains the definitive guide to the Northern Lancashire and South Lakeland crags.

Note: Crags marked with an asterisk are outwith the county of Lancashire but have been included due to their proximity to similar crags just over the border.