There are a lot of choices when it comes to holds, some are more suited to crimping, others to open-handing, some for steep boards, others for less steep boards. This page aims to collate information and experience on decent commercially available holds that are fit for purpose.

Training boards: Font 7a and up at 45 degrees


Pinches Beacon classic pinches, set 5. Inexpensive, skin / tendon friendly, not too pricey and screw or bolt on.


Bleaustone 45 degree slopers Not cheap, but good.


Dwellars Beacon Cellar Dwellers, set two. Inexpensive, skin / tendon friendly, not too pricey and screw or bolt on. One or two are maybe a little on the small side for mid 7 stuff.

Comfy, low profile jugs
Mixed training sets

Beastmaker holds quality wooden sculpted jobbies, designed with training between 30 and 60 degrees in mind


Log holds (ones to avoid)

Holdz generalz Anything "bobbly" that isn't a massive slope is almost certainly log. There are some of these at the local wall; very tweaky.

Hold manufacturers and suppliers



Crusher Holds (contact Probes on UKBouldering forum for more information).


Pusher Holds


Beacon Holds

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