Bouldering venues that stay dry during rain...


Red Wall



Carreg Hylldrem - dry in torrential rain.

Parisella's - can suffer from humidity


Drive By wall (40m right of Pill Box Wall on Marine Drive) - Can be dry when the cave is minging.


West Vale - bits stay dry in showery weather.

Woodhouse Scar - Clingen Face

Almscliff - Virgin

Ilkley - Calf (Westerly wind)

Brimham - Joker's Wall

Baildon - Right hand side is possible in light rain, especially if there is a northerly wind.


Heckley - bone dry in torrential rain

Back Bowden - some limited stuff under the big roof.

Peak Lime

All steep lime venues stay dry in the rain once dry, but can seep after rain. some of these are Conie’s Dale, Dog’s Dinner, Nuda’s Tartan, Blackwell Dale, Squirrel Buttress, Raven Tor, Rubicon, Dirtlow(!), Anston Stones, Pleasley Vale.

Venues that don't seep, but can suffer condensation are:

Andronicus Cave

Stoney - Minus Ten

Odin Cave - Dry in torrential rain, but can be wet on humid days.

Peak Grit

Churnet - Wright's and Genlteman's

Burbage - Westside story stays dry in moderate rain if weather coming in from the west

Burbage - Leotard Legend

Stanage - Green Room slap is pretty shower proof, thanks to enclosed nature.

Turningstone Edge - Stays dry in moderate westerly rain. Not very many problems though.

Eastwood - Steep rock, capping roofs and woodland keep the bouldering dry in all but the worst conditions.

Shining cliff - The Goose Creature buttress is protected from rain by capping roof.

Cratcliffe - Hueco and Babu Yagu wall are dry in most weather

New Mills Tor

Gardoms - Problem under Spanish Fly roof at Gardoms

Filthy Crag Q - whilst not rainproof it’s super quick drying and sheltered from light showers due to tree cover.

Hobson moor - back wall traverse and problems there on, stays dry in rain as long as its not seeping


Brownstones - Nexus Wall. Only a small wall, but lots of minus ten style eliminate dynos. You have to stay close to keep dry though.

Wilton - Horrobix overhang, eliminate potential and problems up to 7A.

Longridge - Can stay dry in rain, but seeps afterward.

Egerton - Problems under the bridge stay dry in rain, but can seep.

Daan South

Huntsham - Rainy Day Buttress. Bouldering (a tad crumbly). And a BIG roof that goes at E8 6c if you fancy it. Guidebook says its one of the largest free ceilings in the country.

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